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Avoid Trying These on Your DIY Facials at Home

We all love to do our DIY Facials at home, but sometimes we can go a little bit further; like trying procedures that only professionals should perform or choosing the wrong treatment. Some of the reasons people do these are because they want to save money, or follow influencers on social media; unfortunately, some treatments are not for everybody.

Most common mistakes people make when trying DIY Facials

  • Trying treatments involving needles or deep abrasions: Microneedling and Microdermabrasion are devices you can buy everywhere; however, not everybody can use them. Some of the side effects of using these devices without the proper training are redness, scarring, pigmentation, and even infection. Also, the devices you find online will not let you achieve as good results as when you use the professional ones. 
  • Chemical Peelings: this type of peeling should only be performed by a professional; these products are too delicate, and when not used correctly, can cause burnings and pigmentation
  • Doing the extractions yourself: Ideally, before doing extractions, the skin needs to be clean and prepared, if those steps are missed, infections most likely will happen. On some occasions, after extraction, we use calming mask or LED therapy; these increase the healing process, and you can only find this equipment in a place specialized in Facials. 
  • Combining ingredients incorrectly: when it comes to pampering yourself with a facial, one of the things people enjoy is the combination of products that leaves your skin feeling smooth and clean after; however, not all the ingredients can be combined. Some of them can cause double exfoliation, irritation, or even decrease the function of another ingredient. 

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