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What Do You Need to Know about the Jamsu Beauty Trick?

The word “Jamsu” sounds different, right? It’s a Korean beauty trick. Let’s discuss what it is and why it’s so popular. 

Jamsu is a Korean word. It literally translates as “dive” or “dunk,” which exactly involves it. It is a new Korean skincare trend that keeps your makeup look matte and flawless. Koreans are always inventing unique beauty and skincare techniques. They are famous for glass skin but lately, this trick to get the matte look is getting popular.

Let me tell you how it is done. Apply your complexion products, i.e. foundation, concealer, and contour. Don’t apply eye makeup yet. Now apply a layer of loose powder all over your face and then submerge your face in a bowl containing ice-cold water. For dry skin, 15 seconds, while for oily skin, dip for 30 seconds. Afterward, pat dry your face and apply the rest of your makeup. You will notice that your makeup stays longer with a perfect matte look. 

Koreans mostly use this technique in summers, when the temperature is high and humid.  Jamsu technique helps prevent fading. It makes the foundation blend perfectly with the skin and create a matte look.

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