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Tips to Make Your Lipstick Last Longer

Are you also worried that your lipstick  looks fresh and crisp when you apply, but as time goes on, it starts to fade? You should know that your lipstick needs a set too to make it last longer, just like your makeup setting. Here is a guide on how you do it.

For applying a lipstick that stays for a longer time, four steps are essential to consider: 


You need to prepare your lips, so lipstick will stay longer on them. Lipstick won’t look good or stay on chapped lips. It sets well on soft and hydrated lips. So exfoliate your lips to remove any dead cells and dryness.


Like your makeup primer, your lips also need a primer. It can be as simple as applying a soft lip balm to fully hydrate your lips for lipstick application. Or you can apply a tiny amount of foundation or concealer all over your lips.


Now is the step to apply your lipstick. Prefer matte lipstick over glossy ones as they have longevity. Swipe on your color and keep blotting unless you get the color of your choice.


Set your lipstick with any translucent finishing powder. You will need only a tiny bit of it.


Follow all four steps carefully to ensure your lipstick stays longer, don’t cake and avoid the pesky transfers.

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