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Teething Rash: Can Teething Actually Cause a Rash?

Baby teething can be difficult for both babies and their parents. Along with swollen and tender gums and slightly raised temperature you may notice a red rash on your baby’s skin. Don’t panic because this condition is normal. Let’s discuss teething rash, why it happens, what it looks like and how to prevent it. Teething rash

Why it happens? 

It is caused by excess of saliva during teething because your baby tends to drool a lot. Your child spits not only saliva but also digestive enzymes, bits of food, that can be irritating for baby’s skin and cause teething rash. 

What does it look like? 

Teething rash is red with small bumps which are usually located around the mouth, chin, lips, neck and face. This rash is sensitive to touch and sometimes it can be smelly because of the saliva odor. Usually it appears between 6 and 24 months of age as it’s the teething time.

How to treat teething rash? 

Luckily, it normally goes away on its own. Follow these recommendations for prevention and treatment of teething rash: 

  • Wipe away the drool with a soft cloth straight after your baby spits it out. 
  • Make sure your baby’s clothes are dry. Change wet clothing especially if it’s wet from drooling because it irritates the skin. 
  • Apply petroleum jelly creams or healing baby ointment on affected areas. It creates a protective barrier between the saliva and your baby’s skin. 
  • Avoid excessive cleaning and scratching of affected areas to not worsen the situation. 
  • Use only products which are specially made for kids and their sensitive skin.

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