Taking care of your skin is very important, but many people don’t know how to do it properly and are unsure which steps to follow. Using the Skincare Pyramid, we will show you how to prepare your skincare throughout the whole year; from the products you need to add to your daily routine until the procedures to improve your skin conditions.

Skincare Pyramid

Products you need to use daily

As part of your daily skin routine, we have these basic steps: cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. But also, you need to add eye cream, specific serums for your concerns, and SPF. If you apply all these products, you are giving your skin everything it needs to be healthy.

Products you need to use weekly

Some products, like masks and exfoliators, are not designed to be used daily. With a product like a mask, you can be more flexible and use it even two or three times per week; most of them you should leave them overnight and contain hyaluronic acid or other ingredients able to provide nutrients for your skin; on the other hand with exfoliation you need to be more careful. When used too often, the scrubs can be abrasive for your skin and cause micro lesions leading to inflammation. Enzyme peels or gel peelings are a bit gentler and can be used more than once during the week. It is essential to see how your skin reacts after every exfoliation; if you have sensitive skin or redness after exfoliation, just do it once a week.

Products you need to use monthly

To improve your overall skin condition and give the extra help your products cannot provide a facial made by a professional is recommended. Also, do not forget to check your product’s condition every month, especially those that are already opened, to make sure they are not expired.

It is essential to check your skin with a dermatologist at least once a year; they will make sure your products are adequate for your skin and recommend future products and therapies.