Sometimes you feel like trying something new for your skin, but this doesn’t turn out as you wanted; in fact, the opposite happen;  Some ingredients contained in these new products can cause unwanted reactions like a burning sensation, redness, flaking, eczema, and even pigmentation. But don’t worry, most of these undesired effects don’t cause definitive damage and can be reversed.

Most of these reactions are localized, and just simple recommendations should be followed to improve your skin condition:

  • Avoid exfoliation: this will only make your skin more sensitive. During the period after your skin had a bad reaction to a product or a procedure, avoid doing aggressive exfoliations, instead use gentle ingredients until your skin goes back to normal conditions.
  • Stay with your routine: keep those cleanser, moisturizer, and SPF you were using before having the unknown reaction. Avoid concentrated serums or products that don’t belong to your daily routine.
  • Keeps using a moisturizer: healthy skin is able to regenerate faster, especially if you are using the right moisturizer. Try ingredients like aloe vera, glycerin, oat milk, and ceramides.

You must do a patch test before adding any new product to your routine; if the product works wonder on another person, it doesn’t mean it will do the same for you; just try a bit of your product in the back of your ear and leave for some minutes, if you don’t feel any uncomfortable feeling go ahead and use it for the rest of you skin. Also, when it comes to adding new products to your skincare, make sure you do one at a time; this way, your skin will get used to it faster, and if an unwanted reaction is caused, it will be easier to identify which ingredient caused it.