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In Search Of Something That Brightens Your Skin Just In Two Weeks?

Are You Tired Of Hyperpigmentation And Need A Friendly Ingredient?

Well! Kojic Acid is what you really need. This popular product has left many of us in awe for its incredible effects. Not only you but the entire internet is buzzing over this amazing addition to skincare products. You need not to worry because we are going to tell you everything about kojic acid and why you need it!

Kojic Acid- The Ultimate Brightening Potion!

Kojic Acid is used in various products for its extremely wonderful effects on skin. It adds life to your dull skin so you can feel better and healthier. But do you want to know how it works?

Let’s figure this out.

Kojic acid is commonly found during fermenting rice and is also extracted from mushrooms. It has unique properties and has effects similar to hydroquinone.

How Kojic Acid Works?

Kojic Acid inhibits the formation of Tyrosinase, the enzyme used to produce Melanin, the ‘skin pigment’ giving dark color to skin. It illuminates skin, blocks melanin production and brightens complexion. 

Why Should You Use Kojic Acid?

This compound (Kojic Acid) is great for people experiencing melasma, acne scars, blemishes, hyperpigmentation and sun tan. It not only fades darker spots but also reduces acne formation and scarring in future. So if you’re going through any of them, buy one today and give some love to yourself.

No Bad Bacterias On Skin Again

It’s an easy gateway to blooming radiant skin. Adding more to its heavenly effects, it is antibacterial and antifungal so your skin won’t be infected with pathogens easily!

It has negligible adverse effects but you can do a patch test on your wrist before using it on your face. Also, it is safe to apply to your lips too if you’ve been smoking lately.

How To Use It? 

Easy way! It has a high safety profile so you can use it in 1-4% concentration but 2% is considered optimum for all. Commonly its formulations include moisturizing agents and Vitamin E for deep nourishment of your skin.

You can use it once daily and will definitely see dusky dull skin getting a glow. Happy skin-Happy you!

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