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How to take care of your skin if you have Psoriasis

Psoriasis is one of the most dreaded skin conditions, not only because of the aesthetic look but also because the products and skincare must be different. The skin lesions linked to Psoriasis can be triggered by stress, extreme temperatures, food, and certain cosmetics. 

Controlling your Psoriasis should not be hard to do, but we don’t have the knowledge to do it most of the time.

Therefore, we will give you some basic recommendations to take care of your skin if you have Psoriasis. 
  • Shower products: Use neutral soaps or products recommended for Psoriasis; avoid strong products and soaps with fragrances.
  •  Hydration: Never forget to hydrate your skin, especially after your shower. Apply your products all over your body, including your areas affected by Psoriasis.
  • Sun protection: Avoid prolonged sun exposure, and always consult your dermatologist before adding sunscreen to your routine.
  • Exfoliation: Be careful when exfoliating the areas surrounding your psoriasis lesions; the excess exfoliation can trigger other lesions similar to Psoriasis in other areas of your body. 
  • Trying new products: A patch test is always necessary before adding a new product to your skin. You can do it behind your ear and wait some minutes to see how the skin reacts.  It is mandatory to consult with your dermatologist before adding a new product to your skin. 

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About the Author: Dr. Angelica Parra is a Licensed Medical Doctor from Venezuela and is currently taking a Master’s degree in Dermatology.  She specialized in Aesthetic Medicine and completed Advanced Training in Non-surgical Facial Rejuvenation in Miami, Florida. She has specialized in applying Botox, dermal fillers, skin tightening treatments, and since then, she has worked on cruise ships as an Aesthetic Doctor.

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