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How to Lighten Dark Spots and Hyperpigmentation Using Kojic Acid

Are you really worried about dark spots and hyperpigmentation on your face? 

Have you tried a lot of products to get rid of dark skin, but all in vain?

Now, there’s nothing to worry about. Keep reading and I will share how to lighten dark spots and hyperpigmentation by using kojic acid.  

Products containing kojic acid are well known for their skin lightening effects. This acid works by inhibiting the production of melanin-a pigment involved in skin darkening- which helps to lighten dark spots, acne scars and melasma.

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Shield against sunburn and hyperpigmentation

Kojic acid acts as an antioxidant by interacting with free-radicals produced as a result of UV exposure. It helps to give an even skin tone by repairing the skin with sunburn and hyperpigmentation. So, this acid has an anti-ageing effect which helps to keep the skin younger and beautiful.

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Antibacterial and antifungal Kojic Acid

This acid has some anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. So, it helps to treat acne caused by bacterial and fungal infections on the skin.


The cosmetic experts’ panel suggests that 1% concentration of Kojic acid is safe for cosmetic products. Although it’s safe to use for treating a certain condition, always consult your dermatologist before using it as people with sensitive skin might feel skin irritation or dermatitis.

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Dr. Iqra Mubashar
Dr. Iqra Mubashar

About the writer: Dr. Iqra Mubashar is a registered Pharmacist originally from Pakistan, Lahore. She has earned her pharmacy degree from the University of veterinary and animal sciences, Lahore. She has completed her internship as a trainee from Children hospital, Lahore. She has completed her research work in clinical pharmacy and pharmaceutics. She has worked as a healthcare documentation head in Al-Qasim enterprises, Islamabad. She has specialized in prescription handling, drug information, literature research, patient counseling, and pharmaceutical care plan. Her research work on coronavirus is under publication.

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