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How Sensitive Skin and Sensitized Skin Are Different?

Sensitive and sensitized skin often present with similar symptoms that are often confused. But they are different, and it is essential to differentiate between them. Let’s find out some basic differences.                

The critical difference between both skin conditions is that sensitive skin is genetically occurring while sensitized skin is externally acquired. Sensitive skin cannot be cured, but it can be managed by eliminating aggressive skin products and practicing caution. On the other hand, sensitized skin is completely treatable simply by eliminating the causative agent.

How Sensitive Skin and Sensitized Skin Are Different?

People with sensitive skin usually also suffer from eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and similar skin conditions. They have to continuously take cautions for their triggers. This type of skin often suffers from damage, dehydration, and rash. These people have to modify their lifestyles to treat their condition.                              

On the other hand, sensitized skin is due to external factors such as aging, an environmental pollutant, or even daily unhealthy skin care practices such as excessive exfoliation. It is expected that once you address your causative agent, eliminate it; give enough time and care to your skin for healing. Soon your skin will be back to normal.

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