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How Jade Comb Improves Blood Circulation

Jade comb is a tool that has a dual effect. From one side it can be used for the gua sha effect on the face and from the other side it has long bristles that will help you to comb your hair as well. It is one of the most ancient Chinese medicine practices that have been used effectively. How Jade Comb Improves Blood CirculationGua sha is a different medicine practice that we will discuss in later articles. Here our focus is to talk about the circulation boosting effect of the jade comb. 

Jade comb involves a comb made of jade to stimulate and massage the scalp. Its importance is that jade combing will increase blood flow to the area and promote hair growth. Its long, soft bristles will give you a soothing effect that will dilate your blood vessels in the head to improve their blood circulation and then promote hair growth.  

How Jade Comb Improves Blood Circulation

How to use jade comb for better effect?

Whenever you want to use this comb always make sure that your hair is dry and there is no sign of any wetness. They should not be even oily. Now turn your head upside down and start combing them softly and gently. Then make your head in the right position and start right from your scalp and move the comb along the length of your hair. Straighten them and pony your hair finally. 

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