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How Effective Is a Powder Sunscreen?

The importance of SPF for your skin cannot be neglected. With the emerging beauty industry, now we have sunscreens in powder form too. Let’s find out how effective they are. powder sunscreen

There are several benefits of using powder sunscreen, and dermatologists also approve of it. They are translucent and can easily be set on your makeup. Let’s list them down:

  • Powder sunscreen is easy to apply, and it often comes with built-in brushes.
  • It is handy as it can be applied to your makeup. This helps for the reapplication of sunscreen throughout the day.
  • It is incredibly lightweight. Powder sunscreens won’t clog your pores; neither will cake your makeup.
  • It absorbs the excess skin oils giving you a matte look. This is good especially for the summer days.

The efficacy of powder sunscreens depends upon two things:

  1. The SPF of powder sunscreen
  2. The amount of powder you applied.

If these two things are enough then powder sunscreens are effective.

The problem is that most of the powder sunscreens available in the market do not have enough SPF. So a better and safer option is advised:  use topical cream or lotion based sunscreens and powder-based sunscreen at the same time. Before applying your makeup, apply your regular sunscreen as your primary sunscreen, then use the powder sunscreen throughout the day for reapplication and touch up.

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