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What You Need to Know About SPF?

What You Need to Know About SPF?

While choosing a sunscreen, don’t just pick one because the label claims it to be a sunscreen. There are few things you must see in sunscreen; one of them is SPF. So let me tell you what SPF is. 

What You Need to Know About SPF?

SPF stands for sun protection factor. It simply means how much sunscreen can protect you from sunburn. A higher SPF doesn’t mean that you are good to go. SPF is different for every person. You calculate it based on how long it takes you to get sunburn. Let’s say you get a sunburn in 10 minutes. So if you choose sunscreen with SPF 30, it means it will protect you for 300 minutes. In short, after applying sunscreen, you can now bear the sun for 300 minutes without getting sunburn. 

The lighter the skin color, the more quickly it gets sunburned. But it doesn’t mean that once you have applied sunscreen, it can go for a whole day. Even if sunscreen is water-proof, it gets removed by sweating. So you need to reapply after some time. 

SPF 30 means 97% protection. SPF 50 means 98% protection. Generally, SPF 50 is enough for most people. An SPF above 50 has very little difference. So you can pick a sunscreen with SPF 50 or above. You can also consult your local pharmacist to choose the right SPF for you.

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