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Full-Body Skin Exam And Why It’s Important

Skin, being the largest organ of the human body, is more prone to diseases. Some of these diseases might be noticed by the patient, but some can go unnoticed. 

Knowing this helps us understand the importance of screening.

Full-Body Skin Exam And Why It’s Important
Full-Body Skin Exam And Why It’s Important

What are full-body exams?

Continuing from the previous introduction we can start discussing full-body skin examinations. These are careful evaluations of the skin of the entire body, from head to toe. The examinations are best conducted by a licensed dermatologist. 

During the exam, the dermatologist (or sometimes a general practitioner) checks the skin for the presence of certain skin diseases, birthmarks, moles, or spots and marks, especially ones that may have an unusual size, shape, color, or texture. 

When there are suspicious growths, there will be additional tests (such as biopsy – a procedure that involves the removal and testing of a small piece of skin) and a follow-up. A comprehensive exam takes about 20 minutes to complete. The patient will be asked to remove their clothes and wear an exam gown. They may also be asked to remove nail polish and make-up.

Full-Body Skin Exam And Why It’s Important
Full-Body Skin Exam And Why It’s Important

When to get a full-body exam?

Everyone should get a full-body skin exam at least once a year. 

The examinations should be annual, and usually, it is best to get started in the mid-20s or early 30s. Some patients should start getting the examination earlier in their life, and also more than once per year. 

Such patients are:

  • Those with light skin tones.
  • Those who have a large number of moles.
  • Those whose skin burns easily or have a history of blistering sunburns.
  • Those who have a family history of skin cancer (especially melanoma).
  • Those that are frequently exposed to the sun.
  • Those who are organ transplant receivers.

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Dr. DonikaAbout the Author: Dr. Donika Vata is a medical doctor from Ferizaj, Kosovo. She studied general medicine from University of Hasan Prishtina.
She has been writing about medical and skincare related issue in journals, social media websites, and books. She was working for some well reputed clinics such as Telehealth Pro- Online consultations, German Cancer Center, and AppLMD. Dr. Donika was also volunteering in the Covid-19 pandemic.
Currently, she is working as a medical doctor and researcher in a dermatology clinic.

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