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Do You Know About Pregnancy Related Skin Conditions?

In pregnancy, there are many physiological changes that can occur. These changes include immunological changes, metabolic, and hormonal changes, and endocrine and vascular changes. Due to all these changes pregnant women are likely to have changes in skin particularly changes in a cutaneous layer of the skin.

There are three categories in which cutaneous changes are classified.

  • The first classification is the hormonal and physiological changes such as melasma (which are brown patches on the skin), nails, and changes in the vessels.
  • In the second classification, all the conditions of the skin which are already present are more boosted, and in the last classification, specific dermatosis which is the irregularity or lesions of the skin related to pregnancy is included.
  • It is possible that dermatosis can be resolved in the post-partum period but can occur again in the new pregnancy. A study was conducted in 2017 in which 200 pregnant women were included, in this study it was found that pruritus which is the itchy skin, and many skin changes are very common during pregnancy.  
    Do You Know About Pregnancy Related Skin Conditions?
    Do You Know About Pregnancy Related Skin Conditions?

    Up to 90% of pregnant women suffer from hyper-pigmentation and stretch marks. Hyperpigmentation occurs in specific areas of the skin and stretch marks occur in those women who are younger or women with larger babies or women with larger body mass index.

Do You Know About Pregnancy Related Skin Conditions?
Do You Know About Pregnancy Related Skin Conditions?

Most of the skin conditions in pregnancy are sorted out during postpartum and require only symptomatic treatment, but some conditions can increase morbidity and mortality of both fetus and mother or for one of them         


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