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Best Things to Know about Pimple Patches

There is a variety of pimple patches available on the market: CosRx, Peter Thomas Roth, 3M Nexcare, and Dr. Jart. Take your pick.

But do they really work?

These Pimple Patches are basically made of hydrocolloid that works by absorbing the semi-fluids from your pore. Some patches require leaving it on for 2 hours while others need to be worn overnight. 

They vary according to the ingredients they contain. Whereas, the most common add-ons would be Salicylic acid, Niacinamide, Tea Tree, and Hyaluronic Acid while others are a bit more sophisticated containing Hemp Oil and peptides. 

The regular kinds are translucent and round, and there are those that are more playful with their colors and shapes.

Best Things to Know about Pimple Patches

Based on experience and reviews, these patches have been effective for pushing out superficial acne. However, when it comes to deeper nodules and cysts, a patch can’t seem to pull out all the dirt.

But if you only want to use it for protecting your pimple from further damage, you may do so before wearing a mask and make-up to decrease friction and clogging of pores. Some also like to keep it on to prevent their nails from picking on their pimples.

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