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5 Ways To Improve Your Skin Health

The best way to improve your skin health is by ingesting natural and organic food. This will make your skin appear best and will fight the signs of aging. The products that you apply on your face just get absorbed in your skin and some also damage it. So the thing that matters most is what you eat. Following is the list of some foods with their benefits for your skin:

Mangoes: Mangoes contain compounds that have antioxidant properties. This protects certain compounds of your skin like the collagen in your skin. 

5 Ways To Improve Your Skin Health

Tomatoes: Tomatoes have compounds that prevent skin-related cancer. As per some clinical trials, tomato seeds help to prevent your skin from sunburns. 

Carrots: Carrot juice is excellent to use for skin-related problems. It tightens your skin and will help you to look younger than your age.  

5 Ways To Improve Your Skin Health

Cucumber: Cucumber, an excellent reservoir of water, will help to maintain the water content of your skin. This will hydrate your skin cells as well.

Eight hours sleep: Sleep helps your skin to synthesize more useful collagen that will tighten your skin. During sleep, your skin’s blood flow increases, and the organ rebuilds its collagen and repairs damage from UV exposure, reducing wrinkles and age spots.  

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About the Author: Dr. Iqra Mubashar is a registered Pharmacist originally from Lahore, Pakistan. She has earned her pharmacy degree from the University of veterinary and animal sciences, Lahore. She has completed her internship as a trainee from Children hospital, Lahore. She has completed her research work in clinical pharmacy and pharmaceutics. She has worked as a healthcare documentation head in Al-Qasim enterprises, Islamabad. She has specialized in prescription handling, drugs information, literature research, patient counseling, and pharmaceutical care planning. Her research work on coronavirus is under publication.


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