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Wonders Of Mustard Oil

If you want to grow your hair then mustard oil is one of the most effective oils used for hair growth. It contains all the vitamins and nutrients that are required by your scalp and roots for nourishment.

Can you apply overnight?

Yes, it can be applied overnight as the vitamins in the oil helps in locking the moisture of your roots and scalp.

Hair mask:

Mustard oil can also be used to make hair masks by adding yogurt and egg in it.

  • Take one teaspoon of yogurt and add one egg with two teaspoons of oil and mix it well.
  • Apply it on your hair and leave it for 2 hours.
  • Cover your head so that the mask doesn’t get dry.
  • Later wash it off with cold water and with your regular shampoo and conditioner.


There is no need to massage when a mask is applied.

How often can you use mustard oil?

For better and healthier growth of your hair, you need to keep your scalp clean and before applying the mustard oil, make sure your hair is washed properly.

You can apply the oil 3 times a week for better results.

Try to massage well with your fingertips for 20 minutes at least when you apply the mustard oil in your hair and scalp for better results.

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