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Tips On How To Treat Dark Spots Naturally By Using Papaya

Do you wish to treat your skin naturally without any side effects or have a naturally glowing skin? Do you wish to get rid of dark spots under your eyes and on your face?

Let’s see how the amazing papaya when used regularly can help us achieve a naturally glowing skin free of dark spots.

How to make papaya scrub at home?

To make papaya scrub, you need the following ingredients.

  • Take papaya (2 tablespoons)
  • lemon  juice (1 tablespoon)
  • Take coffee powder (1 teaspoon)
  • Add sandalwood or cam-wood powder ( A pinch of it)

Take a small piece of papaya and mash it. 

Add coffee powder, sandalwood powder and lemon juice and then mix well.

If you have rose water you can put in a few drops of it.

How to exfoliate to remove dark spots?

For exfoliation of your skin you need to wash your face with the cleanser.

Apply this scrub all over your face. 

Rub it gently in circular motions for 3 minutes. 

Apply gently on your affected areas. 

Leave it for 10 minutes more for better results. 

Wash it off and then you will see the amazing glow on your skin.

How often do you use it?

Because it has no harsh agents, you can use it often to exfoliate your face.

.Toner for dark spots:


  • Take apple cider vinegar (4 tablespoons)
  • Rose water (4 tablespoons)


Now take a bottle; add apple cider vinegar and rose water. 

Shake it well. 

How to use it?

Dab a cotton ball/pad, and apply it on your face. 

Focus on your affected areas. 

Leave it for 30 minutes or more. 

Wash it off and apply moisturizer

How often do you use it?

You can use it regularly for better results.

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About the Author: Dr. Sayyam Azam is Certified Dermatologist who has specialized in Clinical Dermatology(Pakistan) and Aesthetic Medicine(U.S).During her specialized training ,she is involved in multiple clinical as well as aesthetic dermatological procedure such as botox, fillers ,chemical peels. As a licensed dermatologist, she is now running a state of art Aesthetic Centre ( The Face Clinic ) in Multan ,Pakistan.

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