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This Is The Right Way To Apply Sunscreen After Your Makeup

Sunscreen is a must on your daily skin routine, even if it is cloudy outside and you think you are not exposed directly to the sunlight. When you are regularly exposed, especially during outdoor activities, it is recommended to reapply your sunscreen every two hours. This reapplication is avoided most of the time because it causes an unwanted look and consistency.

If you are planning a day at the beach and you’re worrying because sunscreen should be a priority over makeup, you don’t have to be concerned anymore. There is always a way where you can combine makeup and SPF; start with the moisturizer, followed by the sunscreen, and then go for an eye concealer, blush, and lip balm. Also, applying a BB cream with SPF 30 or higher can be a solution giving you an all-in-one. 

How to apply sunscreen without ruining your makeup?

  • Use spray sunscreens:  Do not apply it directly into your face or use it on children. Always apply first on your hands, mix it, and apply gently on your face. Spray sunscreen is the best option; they come in many sizes and are the easiest to use. 
  • Mix your liquid sunscreen with your beauty blender: Apply the sunscreen on your beauty blender and slowly apply it with a patting motion; this should protect your makeup and skin from sunlight. If your makeup is being altered, use a mineral powder foundation as a retouch.
  • Use powder sunscreens: These products are not as effective as sprays or liquid because they can not provide full coverage. To do the initial application and retouch is easy but is never enough. Make sure that your powder contains ingredients like titanium dioxide or zinc oxide; they are the ones in charge of the sun protection

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