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This Is the Food that Will Help You to Maintain Perfect Skin and Prevent Aging

Not only our skin is affected by the skincare products we apply daily, but also by the food we eat and the environment we are exposed to; therefore, we must be extremely careful with our diet, our skincare products, and wear sunscreen every day, especially during outdoor activities. Perfect Skin

For your skin to be healthy, you must add antioxidants, minerals, fruits, vegetables, and other types of food to your routine, prioritizing organic products and avoiding processed food. 

Here we will give you the list of some food that you should add to maintain perfect skin; most of them are rich in Vitamin A, C and can provide you with hydration: 
  • Watermelon: It is mainly made of water and has a higher Vitamin C concentration.
  • Cucumber: Besides hydrating, it provides anti-inflammatories and is rich in minerals.
  • Avocado: It is rich in fatty acids hence they provide many nutrients for your skin.
  • Tomatoes: Tomatoes can fight pigmentation.
  • Carrot: It is rich in vitamin A hence increases collagen and elastin production.
  • Berries: Berries are the best antioxidants.   
  • Green leafy vegetables: Lettuce and spinach are rich in minerals and antioxidants. 
  • Sweet potato: Sweet potatoes are rich in antioxidants and beta carotenes in charge of protecting the skin from sun damage. 
  • Yogurt: Yogurt Increases skin and intestinal microbiota. 

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About the Author: Dr. Angelica Parra is a Licensed Medical Doctor from Venezuela and is currently taking a Master’s degree in Dermatology.  She specialized in Aesthetic Medicine and completed Advanced Training in Non-surgical Facial Rejuvenation in Miami, Florida. She has specialized in applying Botox, dermal fillers, skin tightening treatments, and since then, she has worked on cruise ships as an Aesthetic Doctor.

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