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Tear Trough Injectable Dermal Fillers

Dark and hollow under eyes contribute a lot to our overall look. As they say, the eyes are the windows to our soul. Dermal fillers

By the time we hit our 30s, we start noticing that our cheeks lose volume and that our under eyes start to deepen making us look exhausted and “older”. 

This is because there is something called “age-related bone loss”. When this happens, our skin (and other tissues) look a lot bigger or out of proportion to the bone underneath creating wrinkles and folds and making the depression more noticeable.

So, one of the several ways to get a quick fix is by getting tear trough (under eye) filler injections

In this procedure, doctors inject hyaluronic acid that attracts water and eventually fills in the depression under the eyes.

Why are there different kinds of fillers when they have the same function?

Fillers vary on the formulation, which has an effect on the density, elasticity, texture, and duration.

This is why it is greatly advised to see a doctor who is well-experienced in filler injections. His/her experience will help a lot in selecting the right kind of filler for you. Also, he/she can tell if the filler can still do the trick or not.

Lastly, do not be scared to ask questions. It’s important that you know what to expect and what to do in case a problem arises. 

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About the Author: Dr. Elli Reyes is a specialist of Aesthetic Medicine from the Philippines. With over four years of specialized training, her aesthetic practice has involved a variety of skin treatments involving Botox, fillers, and the like. As a licensed physician, she has been engaged by multiple clinics and is regularly interviewed by the local media as an expert in the science of the skin. Her research and writings to date have centered on nutrition, functional health, and general beauty.

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