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Squeezed Orange And Tea Bag Can Be Utilized For Removing Dark Spots

Tea bag to eliminate dark circles:

Using tea bags on your eyes is a famous home remedy that helps you with removing of dark circles. Tea bags have properties that help eyes by lessening dark circles, puffiness, and redness.

To utilize it soak the tea bag in water then, chill it by putting it in the fridge for some time. From that point forward, place it over your eyes for 5 to 10 minutes. You can utilize this daily to see amazing effects.


Squeezed orange to eliminate dark circles:

One more home solution for eliminating dark circles is squeezed orange. You simply need to blend two teaspoons of squeezed orange with a few drops of glycerin. Then, at that point, dip two cotton balls in the juice and apply them to your dark circles. Leave for 5-10 minutes and afterward wash it off with water.

It won’t just lessen the dark circles under the eyes but also give a glow to your skin.

Perspective and pro-tip:

For specific individuals, dark circles are vaporous. In any case, there are different at-home and clinical remedies accessible to work on the presence of dark circles so, plan according to your specialist or dermatologist to advice so you have better and dark circles free skin.

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About the Author: Dr. Sayyam Azam is a certified dermatologist who has specialized in Clinical Dermatology (Pakistan) and Aesthetic Medicine (US). During her specialized training, she was involved in multiple clinical as well as aesthetic dermatological procedures such as botox, fillers, and chemical peels. As a licensed dermatologist, she is now running a state-of-the- art Aesthetic Center (The Face Clinic) in Multan, Pakistan.

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