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Warts: Learn How to Recognize the Alarm Signs and Treat Them

Warts are small, rough growths on the skin caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). They can occur anywhere on the body and are often considered a cosmetic issue, but some types of warts can be painful or cause discomfort. Understanding the signs and symptoms of warts can help you determine when it is time to seek treatment.

There is no procedure 100% effective; however, they can be partially removed, especially when they are placed in areas where they can limit your daily activities. The method chosen to remove wards will depend on the dermatologist. 

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Here you have a list of symptoms and signs that you should pay attention to:

  • Itchiness: Vulgar warts shouldn’t be itchy.
  • Pain: Warts should not be painful unless they are plantar warts; besides those, you should get it checked by professional for a closer examination of the area. 
  • Change of color: These lesions should have the same color as the rest of your skin; hence any change of color should have a closer examination.

Interfere with your daily activities: If the wart’s location doesn’t let you perform your daily activities, it is a sign that it must be removed. Hence you must consult with a professional. Most of the warts should disappear by themselves; however, some won’t and need to be treated with lasers, acids, surgical removal, or cryotherapy. 

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