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Most Common Mistakes and Lies about Sunscreen

With all the campaigns about skin cancer and skin protection going around, you should know the importance of wearing sunscreen, but are you applying it correctly? Here we will go through the most common mistakes and lies about sunscreen. 

1. A small quantity is enough: The right amount is the equivalent to two fingers. Apply the “two-finger” rule (a line of product going from the bottom of your finger until the fingertip). This quantity is ideal for your face and neck, each arm, and each leg; for the chest and back,  equivalent to “four-finger” should be enough for each. 

2. I don’t have to reapply for the sunscreen: You must reapply every couple of hours. The water, sweat, and time will make your sunscreen less effective hence reapplication is necessary. 

3. Only use sunscreen during the summer: Even during winter, UV rays can cause sun damage; even if it is not visibly sunny and you have snow, the UV light can bounce on the snow and cause the same damage. 

4. People with dark skin should not apply sunscreen: People with the highest skin photo types can still suffer from sun damage. Tanning takes more time to be evident, but still, the damage is produced. 

5. Only wear sunscreen during outdoor activities: Even if you are in your house, UV rays can penetrate through windows, and blue light is in almost all our electronic devices. Therefore, sunscreen must be applied all the time. 

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Dr. AngelicaAbout the Author: Dr. Angelica Parra is a Licensed Medical Doctor from Venezuela and is currently taking a Master’s degree in Dermatology.  She specialized in Aesthetic Medicine and completed Advanced Training in Non-surgical Facial Rejuvenation in Miami, Florida. She has specialized in applying Botox, dermal fillers, skin tightening treatments, and since then, she has worked on cruise ships as an Aesthetic Doctor.

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