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Look these simple homemade tips on How do you treat scars at home?

There is a difference between acne marks and scars. Marks refer to the dark or red spots that linger after a pimple heals. It is usually reversible and easier to manage. 

Whereas, scars refer to those that alter the texture of the skin. They can either be raised (too much collagen) or depressed (lack in collagen). Depressed scars can be in the form of rolling, boxcar, or ice pick scars. 

In contrast to marks, they are not reversible due to their depth. You can only reduce the visibility, but you can never expect them to disappear. This is why prevention is important.

The most effective approach is a combination therapy of home skincare and clinic procedures. But if you don’t want to risk exposing yourself to covid, your home skincare should be a good start.

If you’re in touch with your dermatologist, you might want to ask him/her if you can get your hands on tretinoin, which is the strongest type of retinoid. It will increase skin regeneration and help resurface depressed scars. 

If you have sensitive skin or have no access to tretinoin, retinol is the next best thing. It is the gentler cousin of tretinoin due to its slower delivery to your skin. 

Apply either once to twice a week for the first 2 weeks and increase gradually until it becomes a nightly dose.

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