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Is It True That Hot Water Damages Your Hair?

Although everyone loves to get showers and baths with hot water, we are often suggested to avoid washing our hair with it. Let’s find out if it is true or just a myth. 

Is It True That Hot Water Damages Your Hair?

It is easier to practically observe the effects of hot water on your hair and skin. However, if you have ignored those effects, this guide can help you understand. Whenever hair is washed with hot water, it strips away essential oils from hair and scalp. Although you might think this oil makes your hair greasy, a small amount is necessary to keep them soft and silky. So when that oil is removed, hair becomes extremely dry and brittle. This results in lifeless hair with exacerbated hair fall. So yes, it is true that hair is damaged with hot water.   

Is It True That Hot Water Damages Your Hair?  

On the other hand, hot water can dry out your scalp and promote scalp itch and dandruff. Apart from this, it weakens the hair roots resulting in frizzy hair. The effects of hot water on hair can be easily seen if your hair gets dry, frizzy, and itchy after a shower. You should switch to warm water. However, experts also recommend rinsing your hair with cold water at the end to get silky and smooth hair.   

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