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Is it safe to wax your face?

Having facial hair is really annoying, and you must have contemplated which hair removal method is best for you. There are many  ways to get rid of facial hair, facial wax is one of them. Let’s discuss it in detail.               

There are many hair removing methods like shaving, plucking, depilation, etc. Waxing is one of the fast and long-lasting methods. Facial waxing can leave your hair free for at least 4-6 weeks. It also leaves smooth skin as upper dead skin is removed while doing the procedure.

Is it safe to wax your face?

Your face is slightly delicate than your other body. Special facial waxing products are available in the market, so always opt best suited to your skin type.. Don’t use body wax on your face. It can be done with hot or cold wax.  

Possible Side Effects:

It is common to experience certain side effects, but they are usually temporary.

  •  You might feel more pain in certain areas, like upper lips. 
  • Redness and irritation are also common. 
  • Some develop a rash. 
  • Avoid face wax if you are using retinoids 
  • Applying a cold compress is better to relieve symptoms. Also, waxing your face leaves your skin sensitive, so you are more prone to sunburns.

Is it safe to wax your face?

Generally, it is safe for everyone if they carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions. But if you have active acne, moles, or warts, you should not use wax on your face.

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Dr. Iqra Mubashar
              Dr. Iqra Mubashar

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