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How to prevent blackheads and whiteheads on your face?

Blackheads or comedones occur when oil and impurities accumulate on the skin. When this buildup occurs in a closed pore, it turns into a whitish spot, commonly known as a “whitehead”. On the other hand, blackheads are hair follicles dilated by accumulating skin oils, dead cells, and bacteria. Only when this accumulation comes into contact with air due to pore dilation, it oxidizes and darkens, causing the unsightly effect we all know about.

To prevent these blackheads, we can use certain ingredients in our skincare routine, such as the following: 

Salicylic acid:

Exfoliates and prevents clogging of pores and allows accumulated oil to be released. With a concentration of between 2 and 5% of this acid, it will keep our pores clean and prevent acne problems.

A good cleaning will help prevent the appearance of comedones:

On the one hand, cleansing at the end of each day is essential to remove debris (makeup, dirt, oil, and sebum) that has accumulated and promote the effectiveness of products with specific treatment against blackheads.


These favor the release of clogged follicles, facilitating the elimination of the blackhead. 


This is a critical step, no matter if your skin is oily. If you have already started using products with salicylic acid, it is essential to maintain proper balance and hydration. 

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Dr. Angelica Parra

About the Author: Dr. Angelica Parra is a Licensed Medical Doctor from Venezuela and is currently taking a Master’s degree in Dermatology.  She specialized in Aesthetic Medicine and completed Advanced Training in Non-surgical Facial Rejuvenation in Miami, Florida. She has specialized in applying Botox, dermal fillers, skin tightening treatments, and since then, she has worked on cruise ships as an Aesthetic Doctor.

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