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Tips on how to get lighter dark armpits

Let’s face it, no one wants dark armpits. 

There’s nothing wrong with it but for some reason, it just pulls our self-esteem down when we can’t raise our arms high in a sleeveless shirt. 

There are a lot of factors that contribute to the darkening. It could be because of your genes or acanthosis nigricans (caused by diabetes, obesity, or hormonal imbalance). If not, maybe it just needs a little bit more TLC.

First things first, if there is no need for you to wear deodorant, stay away from it. You can’t tell whether the chemicals hiding inside that roll-on are causing your underarms more harm than good. 

Second, your underarms deserve some pampering too. If your face gets weekly exfoliation, why not for your armpits as well? Just make sure to keep it gentle with low-dose chemical exfoliants on a once or twice-weekly basis, so that it does not burn. You can top this up with once-monthly mechanical dermabrasion to help remove the excess dead skin contributing to the darkness.

Tips on how to get lighter dark armpits

Third, try to get your hands on pit-friendly lighteners like niacinamide, kojic acid, or arbutin. A pea-sized amount of one of these nightly will do the trick. It also helps to moisturize those pretty pits with urea, allantoin, and aloe vera to smoothen and soften the skin. dark armpits

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