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How to Maintain Your Skin during Menstruation?

During menstruation, observable changes occur in the appearance of our skin. Most of the time, pimples pop up on our faces, and our skin looks rough and dull. Then, our skincare routines must be planned accordingly. Keep reading to know how to maintain your skin during menstruation.

Dealing with menstrual acne

How to Maintain Your Skin during Menstruation?

Though acne starts with internal processes like enhanced sebum production, breakouts occur on come across bacteria externally. Wash your face twice every day with lukewarm water and a mild salicylic acid face wash to retain bacteria at bay. Other care must be taken a week before the period. Dab your face with a tissue twice a day to blot excess oil.

Planning a facial

How to Maintain Your Skin during Menstruation?

For clear skin during your menstruation, plan your monthly facial 10-12 days before your period starts. Before that, your skin is at its glamorous best and, after that, most vulnerable. As the pores are relatively larger, cleansing is more accessible, and the skin damage is least.

Hydrate the skin during Menstruation

How to Maintain Your Skin during Menstruation?

Our skin during our menstruation tends to become dehydrated. Hence, honey is not only known for improving acne symptoms; it is also hydrating, a natural antibacterial, and adds radiance to your skin. Rosewater is a superb choice for a genuine toner. Apply an oil-free moisturizer and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

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