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How to Grow Your Eyelashes Naturally?

Do you want your lashes to be long naturally? Here are some tips that will help you grow your lashes and that too with natural oils. 

How to Grow Your Eyelashes Naturally?

Shorter eyelashes can be because of many reasons that are making them brittle and fragile. It can be your mascara or your medicated eye drops causing your eyelashes to break the mid-shaft. So firstly, you need to eliminate these causes. Use a gentle makeup remover, avoid eyelash curler and stay away from lash adhesives. Always use easily removable mascara so you might not be plucking your lash hair while removing it. 

How to Grow Your Eyelashes Naturally?

Natural oils are of great benefit for hair growth. Similarly, for eyelash growth, oils work great. Keep in mind that your lashes grow in a 4-8 week cycle, so results will not come overnight. 

Olive oil: it improves the length and strength of lashes

Coconut oil: it moisturizes, prevents breakage, and enhances the growth process.

Castor oil: ideal for hair health and growth. It smoothen the lashes and prevents breakage.

Almond oil: ideal for eyelashes as it will speed up the growth and help with healthier and stronger eyelashes.

Apart from high fatty contents, the presence of vitamin E in these oils is the game-changer. You will only need few drops to apply on your lashes before going to sleep. Slightly rub it with a finger or use a disposable mascara brush. You can also mix two or more oils in proportions to make your own DIY lash growth serum. 


How to Grow Your Eyelashes Naturally?

There are countless products available on the market, but they might contain harmful chemicals. All these oils are natural and safe to use. Still, it is better to discuss with your pharmacist before applying any oil or combination of oils.

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