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Healthy skin starts with a professional skin consultation. Need a free expert advice? Then you are on the right track! We’re passionate about transforming your skin to be the best it can be! Skin Care Top News is offering a free, convenient and immediate online coaching to anyone with pathological and/or aesthetic concerns. Get a FREE Online Skincare Consultation from an Aesthetic Doctor, Dr. Angelica Parra. No need to go out and line up in clinics, just message us and we’ll get back to you immediately. 

Here’s the perk

You get to message Dr. Parra through the provided contact details and get a solution to your issues while maintaining social distancing. You can ask as many questions and show the affected area with good lighting to get an accurate diagnosis. The only drawback? You may have to be more articulate about your problem.

We understand that problems with your facial skin can cause distress in many different ways, and can lead to poor self-image and reduced confidence. American Psychological Association stated that skin abnormalities cause psychological problems in some people. Whatever your reason for wanting to improve your skin health, we can listen and help.

How stress affects your skin and what to do about it, according to experts
Skin problems affect mental health

Our holistic advice ranges from skin concerns such as eczema and blemish-prone skin, to managing how your skin is making you feel. Are your skincare ingredients naughty or nice? You can send us the naughty list! We take into account your medical history and budget to provide you with recommendations for professional, cosmeceutical products to be used at home. Filling up your bathroom cabinet with lotions and potions is not a solution. Getting the right advice through an accurate skin diagnosis allows you to choose skincare that’s perfectly right for you. 

Please provide as much information about yourself and your skin as you can. Consult with our verified skin specialist now!



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