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Is a man’s skin different from a woman’s?

Male skin properties, Man vs woman skin

Is a man’s skin different from a woman’s? Let’s find out! Not everybody has the same skin type, but we have a clear separation between male and female in terms of skin, structure, elements and aging signs; most of these differences are due, mainly to hormonal issues. Because of this, products and daily skin routine should be adapted specially for men. 

Is a man's skin different from a woman's?
According to Forbes, sales in men’s skincare products jumped 11% in 2017, with a full 84% of male respondents between 18 and 44 reporting that they use facial skincare products

Here we have the main differences between male and female skin:

  • Thickness: men’s skin is around 20% thicker than women’s, this is one of the reasons why fine line and wrinkles are not noticeable at early ages.
  • Lower pH: men’s skin is 5.4 compared to women’s 5.7.
  • Higher collagen quantity: this is one of the reasons wrinkles and sagginess manifest later in men
  • Larger pores: combined with more production of sebum help prevent dry skin, however, it also produce shiny and even oily skin.
  • Signs of aging appear later but progressions tend to be fast once they have them  
  • Frequent inflammation because of regular shaving. When shaving, the superficial layer of the skin is removed, exposing this one and making it more susceptible to react to external factors.
  • Tends to attract more bacteria and dirt.

When it comes to the skin care, men need to follow the same basic steps and add some extras:

  • Cleanser: is recommended twice a day, avoid using bar soap, this will dry your skin.
  • Shaving products: these ones will help you to prevent cuts and irritation on the skin, also helps the razor to go smoothly on the skin, because some of them have moisturizer properties.
  • After-shave: Remember that the superficial layer of the skin is being removed every time you shave, after-shave should be suitable for sensitive skin and must not contain alcohol, but should contain antiseptic products.
  • Moisturizer: need to choose one that suits the type of your skin, most of the time you can go for creams with mattifying effect, as this one will help reduce shiny skin.
  • SPF: never forget to protect the skin against UV light.


When you are looking for a product for your skin, it is important to choose the right presentation, this will help your skin to absorb better the ingredients and avoid the side effects. Each type of skin has different needs, some require more hydration, some respond better to oil and some just need to maintain the balance.

We find different types of product for our skin, from moisturizers, serums, oils, and gels, so we need to learn the difference between them to choose the right one for our skin.

Here are some characteristics of the products that we can choose according to our skin type and needs:


has a mixed concentration, can have oily ingredients, ideal for mature skin. The goal of the cream is to keep skin moisture, normally we use one for daytime and one for nighttime, with different ingredients between them. We tend to use the anti-aging creams, some of them has SPF already.

You can start using cream at any age, the sooner the better, make sure you are choosing the right ingredients for your skin type and try to use paraben-free products.


s a fluid product and have a light texture that allows it to have antioxidants and moisturizer at the same time. They are known for containing high concentration of ingredients than any other product, and because of the small size of the molecules, it can penetrate deeper on the skin. Can be used in all skin types and conditions like ageing, pigmentation, and other skin pathologies.

After the serum application, you should let it be absorbed by the skin, then later you can apply your moisturizer. Some serums can work as a booster for the ingredients previously applied. Vitamin C serum is a must, you should use it every day, it works as antioxidant and gives you protection against UV light.


Is ideal for oily skin because it doesn’t have any oil in it; has a gel consistency and is easy to apply. Most of these products are water-based and this means they put back water on the skin, protecting you from dryness and that they are easily absorbed.

Is a man's skin different from a woman's?
Male Skin Products

You have here the three most common types of products and some of their properties, make sure to know how each one of them works so you can choose the right one for you. So Is a man’s skin different from a woman’s? The answer is, definitely yes.


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