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When should You visit an Aesthetic Doctor?

When should You visit an Aesthetic Doctor?

Aesthetic medicine focuses on treating and improving conditions like wrinkles, moles, spots, scars, discoloration, spider veins, etc. At the facial level, the Rejuvenation of the face, for  the elimination of wrinkles and sagging, is undoubtedly the most demanded treatment. Aesthetic doctors are trained to perform minimally invasive procedures to improve appearance. They are not trained to do liposuction, breast, or nose surgery. When should You visit an Aesthetic Doctor? Well, let’s find out.

Aesthetic Doctor vs Aesthetician

When should You visit an Aesthetic Doctor?
Dr. Parra, a Licensed Dermatologist

An aesthetic doctor is not the same as an aesthetician. The former is a medical doctor with specific training in the procedures of his competence. He is in charge of helping his patients to improve those aspects of his image that bother him, always based on medical and scientific criteria and from a realistic basis. When you go for a consultation, they will look to your skin and body conditions, go through your medical history, and choose the most appropriate solution for you.

If you are more worried about treating pigmentation and skin problems, you could visit an aesthetic doctor. Most of them have the qualifications, however dermatologist is the ideal professional to take care of this.

When should You visit an Aesthetic Doctor?

When should You visit an Aesthetic Doctor?
Who doesn’t want a flawless and beautiful skin? Every woman in this world craves for smooth, spotless and glowing skin like the models shown in T.V ads.

You need to know that there is no specific age to go and see an aesthetic doctor, it is up to you to choose when to go, but these are the reasons most people choose to go for a consultation:

  • When you start to notice changes on your face and body that you don’t like
  • When you are ready to change your habits and your daily routine to get healthy
  • When you do not feel comfortable with the way you look

Treatments that are performed by aesthetic doctors


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