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How to do Spa-Style Face Clean at Home?

This is why it is so important to do a proper face clean -up now and then, but getting to the saloon is not possible for everyone every time. Learning to do it yourself at home not only solves the problem but also saves a lot of time and money.

There is so much pollution, dust and dirt in the air that very easily settles on our faces as we go about our busy lives. These aren’t the only things in the air that can be damaging to the skin; these days the air carries a lot of free radicals and toxic gasses as well, especially in the city. These can all gather on the outermost layer of the skin, causing clogged pores and eventually skin problems and acne.Here is how to do a spa-style face clean at home:

1. Cleanser

Take some oil cleanser on your hands and gently massage it into your face with circular motions. Run your fingers under warm water, just dampening it and continue with the circular motions. Now wash your face with a lot of water until all the oil cleanser has been washed away. Oil cleansing removes dirt and grime from your face by dissolving all the dirt and any makeup you may have on your face with the sebum that naturally forms on it.

2. Exfoliate

Exfoliating is a great way to brighten the skin as it removes the dead skin cells on the outer layer of your skin. By doing this, your skin care products will work a whole lot better as they will be able to penetrate the skin.

Use your face scrub and gently rub your face in circular motions. Be gentle while doing this as putting too much pressure can damage your skin rather than helping it. Once done, rinse off with warm water.

3. Steam

Steaming helps remove toxins, deep cleanses your face, aids in getting rid of blackheads and whiteheads, prevents dry skin and also helps in preparing it for the other ingredients.

Use a facial steamer if you’ve got one. If not, you can create a make-shift one at home. Fill a dish with water and heat it. Wait until the water is boiling and as the steam starts to form position your face over the dish and cover it with a towel. Take steam at least for five minutes.

Next, take a blackhead remover and start scraping away at any blackheads and whiteheads on your face.

4. Face Pack

Face packs are very relaxing and highly beneficial for your skin. They are used to improve the tone of your skin and to soften it. There are different face packs available for the different types of skin types, so ensure to pick one that suits yours.

Apply the pack over your face evenly and relax. You need to leave it on until it dries, which is generally about twenty minutes to half an hour. Once dry, wash the mask off with cold water and pat dry.

5. Tone

You can balance out your PH level with a facial toner. They are very refreshing to the skin, seal the pores and keep the skin hydrated. Either dab it on with your fingers or put it into a spray bottle and spray it directly onto your face.

6. Moisturise

This is the last step and is just as important as the others so it should not be skipped. Your moisturiser should also be picked depending on your skin type. For combination or oily skin, use a gel-based moisturiser. If you have very dry skin, use face butter or a thicker lotion.Read More……..

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