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Best Guide For Applying Liquid Foundation

The liquid foundation should be applied to the face as it gives you complete coverage. This will help your face to look bright, shiny, and youthful. You can use a beauty brush or a beauty blender; and in case you don’t have any of these, you can apply it with the tips of your fingers. But the beauty blender is prioritized over these three ways as it is designed specially to give an easy and air-brushed finish. 

Wet your beauty blender or sponge: 

Always wet your blender with water before you use it. It will give you an even coverage and the least absorption of the product into the blender. Simply run it under the sink for a few seconds until the sponge is saturated and plump.

Ultimate Guide to apply Liquid Foundation | Watsons Indonesia

Using dabbing motion:

Now pour over it a few drops of your liquid foundation. And then use it in a dapping motion to apply it to your face.  

Use a primer primarily:

Using a primer will give your skin an even texture before you apply your foundation

Don’t follow the application of moisturizer:

The foundation should never be applied the way you apply the moisturizer. Always use a single direction while applying the foundation. 

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