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Benefits Of Rice Water For Skin

Have you ever wondered why it has been utilized in Asian beauty rituals for years and years? Here is the answer!

Skin brightening enzymes along with other important ingredients in rice water make it a popular Japanese and Korean beauty product so far.

Benefits Of Rice Water For Skin

The wonderful ingredients:

Vitamins A, C, E, minerals and antioxidants are abundant in rice water. Rice water is the liquid that remains after rice has been soaked or cooked.

It has a variety of nutrients that are beneficial for the skin as well as the hair.

Fades the dark spots:

It contains skin-brightening enzymes that work by lightening dark marks, blotches scars and brightens the face for a clear, smooth appearance.


It is high in antioxidants. Antioxidants work by blocking the action of elastase, a chemical that damages elastin in the skin and promotes premature aging. As a result, it is effectively delays and diminishes the development of skin aging indicators. Thus, aging slows down the process and makes your skin glow.

Protect your skin from damage:

Rice starch is helpful in mending and maintaining the skin’s natural barrier in several tests. This prepares your skin to combat constant aggressors, as well as prevent skin disorders and environmental damage.

Benefits Of Rice Water For Skin

Tightening pores:

Rice water is an excellent toner for the skin. It aids in the cleansing of pores and the regulation of sebum production on the skin, resulting in tightening of open pores.

Calms the sunburn: 

Rice water helps to relieve mild sunburn, irritation, and itching. Its functions as a natural sunblock, protecting our skin against UV rays.

Dull your oily skin:

When used on oily skin, it has the ability to tighten and tone pores. Using cotton pads to dab some rice water on oily skin will help to have a matte look. It would be a perfect match for your oily skin.

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Dr. Sayyam Azam is a certified dermatologist who has specialized in Clinical Dermatology (Pakistan) and Aesthetic Medicine (US). During her specialization, she was involved in multiple clinical as well as aesthetic dermatological procedures such as botox, fillers, and chemical peels.  As a licensed dermatologist, she is now running a state-of-the- art Aesthetic Center (The Face Clinic) in Multan, Pakistan.

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