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At-Home Ingredients for Healthier and Shinier Hair

Over-the-counter hair products are great for the hair  and theyare pricey for a reason. 

But if your budget is a bit tight, you just need to grab ingredients from your garden or kitchen cabinet without spending a dime.  

At-Home Ingredients for Healthier and Shinier Hair Here are the top 3 ingredients that you can use for your hair twice weekly:

Aloe vera

For hair fall and thin hair, you can never go wrong with aloe vera. It strengthens the hair and promotes growth.

Pull out a leaf from your aloe vera plant and scoop out the gel inside. Directly massage it into your scalp until it is fully absorbed. Let it sit for an hour before rinsing off with shampoo.

Olive Oil and/or Coconut Oil

For frizzy, dry, and damaged hair, oils are the best for providing moisture.

All you have to do is grab a bottle from your cabinet and take 1 tablespoon to ¼ cup depending on how dry your hair is. 

Massage it into your scalp while covering all strands. Leave it on for 30 minutes and then shampoo.

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Dr. Elli Reyes
Dr. Ellie Reyes

About the Author: Dr. Elli Reyes is a specialist of Aesthetic Medicine from the Philippines. With over four years of specialized training, her aesthetic practice has involved a variety of skin treatments involving Botox, fillers, and the like. As a licensed physician, she has been engaged by multiple clinics and is regularly interviewed by the local media as an expert in the science of the skin. Her research and writings to date have centered on nutrition, functional health, and general beauty.


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