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All You Need To Know About Heat Rash

Heat rash develops when a duct that leads from a sweat gland to the surface of the skin is blocked or inflamed. This blocks the opening of the sweat duct on the surface of the skin (sweat pore). Instead of evaporating, sweat is trapped beneath the skin, causing irritation and bumps on the skin. Sounds so simple? But heat rash can be lethal. Read on with us to know more about heat rash.

All You Need To Know About Heat Rash

A heat rash is a common rash on the skin that can show up when you’re hot or you sweat a lot. It can make parts of your skin feel prickly or sting due to overheating. It usually causes intense itching. Some people call a heat rash “prickly heat.”

How can I prevent heat rash?

How you can treat or prevent heat rash yourself by following these points.

1- Wear loose cotton clothing.

2- Use lightweight bedding.

3- Take cool baths or showers.

4- Drink plenty of fluid to avoid dehydration.

All You Need To Know About Heat Rash


How long do heat rashes last?

On average, heat rashes last two to three days. More severe heat rashes can last up to a couple of weeks without treatment. If you have a severe heat rash that isn’t going away with at-home treatment and staying cool and dry, contact your healthcare provider.

Aloe Vera cures heat rash:

Aloe vera gel is one of the greatest cures for skin ailments, including heat rashes. Aloe vera gel contains anti-inflammatory qualities and can help decrease redness and irritation. Apply aloe vera gel to the heat rash and keep it overnight, or for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing with cool water.

At-home treatment:

The first step in treating heat rash is to wash the affected area with a gentle soap (for example, Dove non-soap cleanser or something similar). Next, rinse the area with water and gently pat dry with a towel. It is recommended to wash several times a day, especially after exercise, prolonged walking, or heat exposure.

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