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What Vitamin E does to Your Skin?

You can’t ignore the importance of vitamin E in beauty products. It is available in serums, creams, and lotion forms. Even some people use it in supplemental form to enhance their beauty. But have you ever think what actually vitamin E does to your skin? Keep reading to know how it works.

Vitamin E is a super anti-oxidant. It helps to scavenge free radicals by preventing oxidative damage to the skin. It helps to fight daily environmental stress and UV exposure to the skin, thereby protects the skin from sun damage says, cosmetic chemist Ginger King.

When vitamin E is combined with vitamin C, they work as a fantastic partner for the skin. That’s why many beauty products contain both vitamin C and vitamin e at a time.

When not to use it?

If your skin is sensitive, try vitamin E in moisturizer first, as serum concentration can be a heavy concentration for your skin. People with oily skin should avoid using it directly on the skin as too much oil can worsen your skin type. People with dry skin can apply it directly to keep the skin hydrated.

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