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What to Know Before Getting Botox, Fillers and Other Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Procedures

As a supporter of the trend, Dr. Lancer believes it will only continue to grow, given the many options available for men and women who wish to keep their best face forward without having obviously gone under the knife. Or as Dr. Lancer likes to call it, “fresh not frozen.”

Know the Risks

Whether you’re planning your first foray into Botox or contemplating total body hairlessness, medical procedures—invasive or not—require research and preparation. Most of them involve certain risks. “Cosmetic procedures need repetition and require maintenance, so getting the desired result takes time and investment,” explains Dr. Lancer. “Any procedure can have complications, and they range quite dramatically. There’s also a chance the procedure won’t work. On the other hand, overtreatment can affect the symmetry of the treated area and can even become lumpy, particularly for those who have more sensitive skin. At its worst, there is also the potential of stroke, blindness and even death.”

As for the best age to consider in-office treatments, Dr. Lancer says it’s not really a question of how young or old you are, but a matter of needs and personal preference. “Each individual has a personal want or need, and it’s the physician’s job to educate that patient on what is appropriate for their specific situation,” he explains.

Read on to find out Dr. Lancer’s top tips and recommendations for the most common in-office procedures.


Who should get it: Anyone who desires reduction of the ravages of excess facial expression or fine lines and wrinkles.

How often to get it for best results: Neuromodulators/volume replacement procedures usually need to be replenished every 4 to 6 months.

Average cost per treatment: $250-$1500, depending on area treated and volume needed

What else you need to know: Patients need to remember that this is a medical procedure, and they must choose a board-certified physician in a clean, medical setting.

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