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5 Amazing Skin Benefits of Olive Oil You May Not Know

5 Amazing Skin Benefits of Olive Oil You May Not Know

To uncover all the dynamic skin care benefits of olive oil, we chatted with Amanda Rhoades, retail account rep at DHC (a Japanese skin care brand based entirely around olive oil). Read on to learn why you should be incorporating this miraculous oil into your routine today.

1. It Moisturizes Your Skin Without Clogging Your Pores

One of the most nourishing oils in the world, olive oil is high in anti-aging omega-3 and polyphenols. Because it deeply hydrates, it’s been a natural beauty mainstay for decades. ”Ours comes from an organic olive farmer whose family has been producing the most prestigious grade of olive oil for more than 200 years,” says Rhoades. ”With its unique ability to mix with water, olive oil helps moisturize your skin without clogging its pores.”

2. It Protects Your Skin and Balances Its Moisture Levels

According to Rhoades, olive oil also helps balance your skin’s moisture levels and shield it from potential irritation. She notes, ”Oxidized oils can cause blackheads and a host of other problems, but because olive oil has a naturally lower oxidation rate than your skin’s natural oils, it is a perfect barrier to protect skin from irritants.”

3. It’s Teeming With Skin-Beneficial Nutrients

In addition to antioxidants and fatty acids, olive oil also contains skin-healing vitamin K and squalene, which help to plump, soften and hydrate the skin. With virgin olive oil being the healthiest variety and offering the most skin benefits, it also acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial agent and shows promising results for those with acne-prone skin. Rhoades continues, ”Our signature product, DHC Olive Virgin Oil, is Flor de Aceite—the finest quality, extracted from organic Spanish olives that are handpicked when they are bursting with skin-beneficial nutrients. This superior oil is extracted from the crush before the first cold pressing to preserve its many nutrients.”

4. It Helps You Maintain Your Youthful Glow

”Olive oil is one of nature’s finest ingredients for helping you achieve and maintain healthy, younger-looking skin,” adds Rhoades.  Read more 

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