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What are the benefits of using vitamin C serum?

Vitamin C is one of the most potent antioxidants and is usually part of our daily skincare routine. It is an ingredient that can be added to your morning routine and should always be combined with sunscreen.

In this post, we will review the main benefits of using vitamin C in your skincare routine.

  • Lines and wrinkles can be improved: Although it is not the ultimate wrinkle-fighting ingredient like retinoids, it still increases collagen production. 
  • Protects against environmental aggressors: Environmental factors and free radicals are capable of causing sagging and degrade collagen in the skin; vitamin C being an antioxidant, helps protect against oxidative stress, so it fights against aging. 
  • It improves hyperpigmentation: It can decrease melanin production, so it enhances pigmentation and offers to maintain a more even skin tone. 
  • Moisturizes your skin: When used with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or ceramides, it helps to enhance its effect. Vitamin C helps decrease transepidermal water loss and helps seal moisture into the skin. 
  • Have brightening properties: Provides brightness inside out, mainly because it can fight against oxidative stress; you will notice that most of the time, a product advertise can “brighten” your skin; it will contain Vitamin C. 

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