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8 Ways To Avoid Dry Hands

Ways To Avoid Dry Hands

There are many different reasons why we may experience dry hands. Weather , genetic predisposition, certain medical conditions, and even environmental factors can all play a part. But the most prevalent cause at this moment, of course, is frequent hand washing.

Dry, Cracked Hand Remedies

Alligator hands got you down? Here’s our round-up of the best at-home fixes for dry hands.

1. Apply Some Good Ol’ Hand Cream 

It’s not enough to use hand cream when you notice the sandpaper effect setting in. The key is to apply it as soon as you’re done washing your hands — every time, no matter what. This is because we introduce much needed water to the skin upon washing, and we want to seal that in. So, when you’re done scrubbing away, gently pat (don’t rub!) dry with a towel, and follow with a creamy moisturizer that contains emollient ingredients like coconut oil, dimethicone, shea butter, or petroleum jelly. We’re talking hand cream here, not lotion, in order to form a proper moisture barrier on the skin. And just to make sure you’re always protected, keep a tube of hand cream at every sink, along with a travel size in your purse if you plan to leave the house.

2. Use Mild Cleansers

Save the extra strength Palmolive for that lasagna pan. When it comes to hand washing, you don’t need the heavy-duty stuff. In fact, gentler is better, as it doesn’t rob all of our natural oils. Most traditional soaps also have a higher pH than our skin, which results in a harsh, stripping effect. Sensitive skin types, in particular, are better off using a product that’s pH balanced and unscented to avoid causing or exacerbating any irritation.

3. Try Hand Patches

As if that crispy knuckle feeling wasn’t frustrating enough, it turns out that dry skin is also a gateway to wrinkles . So, if you’re afraid to come out of quarantine with hands that look decades older than you are, well, it’s time to give your hands the same love that you give to your face. Silicone patches. The Handlift is made of 100% medical grade silicone, shaped just for the hands. The patches comfortably hug the skin, pulling moisture from deep within the lowest layers and supporting the skin’s natural ability to retain moisture. Read More…………..

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