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Vaseline for your face: All you need to know.

Many functions are attributed to Vaseline; most of them are true, while others can not even be recommended.

This product is derived from petroleum and is mainly used to provide hydration to our skin. Even if most times is cataloged as occlusive and oily doesn’t mean you should stop using it. 

Vaseline is one of the easiest ingredients to find in every shop and can be used as an emollient, as a protection for delicate areas, and as a barrier to keep the moisture in the skin. On occasion, it has been able to substitute expensive and less effective products. 

What are the benefits of Vaseline for our skin?

  • Improves wound healing: Works for scratches, and cuts, keeping the area dry and avoiding the scar to become more prominent.
  • Improves dry skin: Areas like eyelids, nose, or lips tend to be delicate, and not every product can work on this area without irritating. On occasions, you can substitute these serums or moisturizers with vaseline, you know that hydration will be guaranteed, and no irritation can be caused. 
  • Improves dermatitis: The best way to keep your skin protected from rashes is by covering it with vaseline. This also applies to diaper dermatitis on babies. 
  • Restore moisture in the nails and cuticles: You will notice that when doing your manicure or pedicure in the salon, they always apply vaseline on top of your nails and cuticles. By doing this, you maintain hydration and prevent fragility in the area. 
  • Prevents lesions caused by constant friction: When using thigh clothes, areas like elbows, knees, and ankles can get irritated by friction. Applying vaseline around the area will prevent you from having this.
  • Protection from getting your hair color all over your face: Vaseline is commonly used to prevent getting unwanted stains while on your skin while you are dyeing your hair. 
  • Removes makeup and others: It is a multipurpose cleaner, can remove makeup, eyelashes, glue, and moisturizes at the same time.

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