Valentine’s Day For Everyone!

Valentine’s Day does not simply have to be a day to partner up or be a couple. Whether you are spending today with your one person, your family, or by yourself, let’s make today a great day! The tips below are for my ladies on their own! However, if you are taken, don’t worry, I have a section for you too! Just skip to the second part of this blog.  No matter what, make sure to read the bottom because I have included some ways for you to feel loved today. Let’s focus on the positive of Valentine’s Day…

If you are single, there are several things that you can count your blessings for today. Let’s focus on the positive of being independent today:

Easy Fit

Studies have shown that women who live alone tend to gain less weight than those newlyweds. Men tend to have a higher appetite and calorie allowance, which causes women to eat more than normal when they are hanging out with their loved one. Today, you can splurge with your friends without going too crazy!

Snooze Soundly

Sleeping alone has its perks! Just think, you do not have to worry about your significant other snoring and keeping you up. Studies have shown an average of 49 minutes per sleep is lost a night when sharing a bed. Read more

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