Detox With These Three Simple Steps!

Tip #1 Veg it out

As much as you may dislike vegetables, I suggest you start to train your brain to love them! Studies have been shown that if you cut back on the meat, you will lose weight faster. People who are vegetarians or eat mainly plant-based foods generally have an overall better health. Also, the more vegetables we eat, the lower cholesterol we could have! You could even try substituting a meat for tofu or seitan, a great source of meatless protein. I love cooking stir-fry with tofu!

Tip #2 Smart Sipping

Healthy diets can be ruined by sugary, calorie-packed drinks! Make sure you are checking the labels on these, “low calorie” or “sugar free” drinks. Instead of drinking McDonald’s Sweet Tea, try to go for a antioxidant-packed green tea. Pass on the milkshake, and try almond milk mixed with fresh fruit! There are simple substitutes we can make that still taste delicious.

Tip #3 Naked Foods

Try and make your food choices more…naked. This means eating foods that are unprocessed, whole, and without preservatives, or additives. As much as we all love donuts and pancakes, try and eat these foods in moderation. One of my favorite “naked” dishes to make is egg white roll up with feta cheese. I use a spinach tortilla and brown rice and put it all together to make a big burrito! It is super tasty and healthy! You can also add salsa on the side for a spicy finish! Read more

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