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The Surprising Benefits of Facial Massage

I Got a Fascial Massage and It Basically Gave Me a Facelift in One Hour

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In a recent quest to de-stress through self-care, I went on something of a Groupon shopping spree and purchased a handful of hour-long treatments I thought would help me rebalance.

One of the treatments I selected was a face massage—more specifically, a fascial facial massage (no, that’s not a typo).

I had previously only experienced facial massages during facials or for a handful of seconds during a body massage, but the idea of a full-hour of attention to my face alone seemed utterly blissful.

I suffer from tension headaches and every so often I experience tremendous pressure around my brow or the back of my skull (near the nape of my neck). What I sought out was an hour of tension release and relaxation, but what I experienced, and gained, was so much more.

To learn more about the goings-on of the hour-long session (that flew by, thanks partly to my two naps), I asked Kathleen Fleetwood, a Blend Fascial Facial therapist at Nature and Nurture Therapies in Philadelphia, and Blend Fascial Facial massage co-creator Tracey Kiernan to walk me through the science, benefits, and how to recreate the experience at home.

Read on for more about my experience getting a fascial face massage and what some of the benefits are, according to the experts.

What Is a Face Massage?

The Blend Fascial Facial massage was created by Kiernan and Debbie Tamblyn Jones and takes the science and techniques of myofascial release and blends them with a holistic facial. Kiernan and Tamblyn Jones combined their many years of experience as massage therapists and myofascial bodyworkers to create this all-natural treatment.

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