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The secret ingredient to make your hair thicker

Thin hair tends to be weaker therefore it will break faster. With aging, we lose collagen, elastin, and keratin, which are the main element part of the hair; because of this, our skin starts becoming saggy, less elastic and our hair thinner.

This condition is not inevitable but can be managed as long as you consider using the right products and seek professional help once in a while.

When looking for particular products to treat this condition, you have to make sure they include L-Arginine; this ingredient is vital to increase hairs growth.

L-Arginine is an amino acid that increases the blood vessel’s vasodilation close to the hair follicle; therefore, more nutrients and oxygen will be delivered to the area, and hair growth will increase.

Besides stimulating the hair follicle, L-Arginine can protect hair from the damage caused by decoloration with hydrogen peroxide.

While doing this decoloration process, the hair loses oils and natural hair proteins, making the hairs weaker, but after a series of investigations, they noticed this ingredient penetrated the hairs and restored the lost properties producing thick and strong hairs. 

What kind of products is best to make hairs thicker?

Not only is it about the ingredients but also the consistency and. First of all, only chose products with L-Arginine.

It is even better if you choose products you can leave for extended periods instead of shampoo that must be rinsed right away. You can select serums over shampoo or conditioners. 

How should I apply the products with L-arginine?

Start by using a shampoo with a conditioner; it doesn’t have to be every day as long is a constant and frequent application.

Stick with them and try not to mix them with other brands and types of products.

A mask also is an essential part of the recovery process; it should be applied 15-20 mins at least twice a week and avoiding the scalp.

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